About us

BROWAMATOR is the first and the biggest supplier of homebrewing equipment and ingredients for homebrewing in Poland. BROWAMATOR is an original Polish brand symbolising high quality of goods and professional service.

We do our best to satisfy needs and requirements of homebrewers.

The BROWAMATOR is owned by Polskie Browary – a company known also from the Internet shop „Sklep Piwosza” which has been functioning since April 2000.

The company has its headquarters in Strzyżów – a small town in the south-east of Poland. Fresh air, pure water, beautiful hills, historical monuments and proximity of the Bieszczady Mts are our greatest assets. Our activity can be perceived as a continuation of Strzyżów’s beer making tradition symbolised by a gracefuly neglected brewery.

Another place worth visiting here is the „Podkarpacka” restaurant where apart from delicious traditional Polish food you will be served unbelievably good...beer offered in brand glasses from the 80’s.

All BROWAMATOR staff – owners and employees – make their own beer, thus every new product and recipe is first tested in our kitchens.

As we are very much engaged in homebrewing your satisfaction is of greatest importance to us. We would like you to know that we don’t want to be the authority for homebrewers – you have the right to be your own boss in your home brewery. Our intention is to share our experience with you and we would like you to share yours with us. That way all homebrewers could benefit, making better and better beer, creating good atmosphere in our home breweries and creatively testing our own products. So we encourage you to participate in our beer Forum, a part of Homebrewers Club. You are welcome to join us !

Do you want to make beer? Yes? Good decision!

Controlling the process of beer brewing you can make every kind of beer: universal full light, light or dark beer, strong and very strong beer, slightly bitter or four-times hopped beer, as well as wheat, fruit and honey beer. Your beer, although not pasteurized, will be good as long as one, two years and sometimes even longer.

You have to know that, as always when you do something for the first time, homebrewing will be more difficult the first time through. After a few batches the process becomes natural and you relax. What we aim to do is help you make that transition as smoothly as possible and get you making good beer as quickly as possibble.

First of all you need good equipment.

For beginners we recommend a complete kit of high quality which will make your first brew an enjoyable experience. Kits offered by BROWAMATOR are considered by many the best in Poland.

You also need good service. Remember that when you buy any of the BROWAMATOR’s Starter Kits you also get long-term, fast and professional help. Our next goal is to provide you right from the start with good ingredients. We offer only natural products: malted barley, pure or hopped malt extract, pure brewer’s yeast and best quality hops of different variety.

If it’s worth making beer at home, it’s worth making it well.

Follow the directions and your first beer will be a success.

And remember: we will be there with you from your first batch to the 100th and even longer.


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